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Sterling is proud to  announce the first model unit of Plaswall Building system is currently  under construction in Mexico , Sterling has sent two Philippine Supervisors to train and technology transfer Plaswall to Sterling Advanced Technology our Mexico partner for Plaswall Building Systems , the the group wishes the best to Director Miguel Vargas and congratulates him on his efforts and achievements in bringing Plaswall Building Systems to Mexico , we are sure that the solid steel reinforced concrete system will allow  Mexican builders  to build faster , safer and higher quality concrete homes .

Watch the Mexican TV Interview on Plaswall :     Mexican TV Aug 2012 [ReadMore]


Supabuild operated by Ray Darker of Brisbane has  started its first projects in Sydney Australia , Supabuild have been appointed by Sterling to manage Plaswall rollout in Australia and New Zealand , this compliments the existing Sterling Australia Operations based in Melbourne and will enable the Plaswall brand to be available continent wide , we congratulate and are proud to welcome Ray into the Plaswall family, the group now with factorys and project  covering  Uk , Ireland , India , Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Bahrain  , Qatar , Oman , Tanzania , Nigeria , South Africa , Ghana , Lesotho , Zimbabwe , Swaziland , Curacao , Bonaire , Trinidad & Tobago , USA , Mexico , Malaysia and Philippines .

See Supabuild website :


Riji Dixon of  Dixon Homes USA attends familiarization and training seminars in Manila Philippines of the use and application of Plaswall products with The Director of Rock Solid Builders ( USA ) Mr Richard Waters prior to him starting the first Multimillion Dollar homes in his Lakeside project , ” Truly Amazing Product ” was his quote , we at Sterling will be proud to send our product to the USA and put it in the hands of such a reputed award winning builder .( Mark Taylor )


The President of the Philippines Mr Benigno Aquino III opened a housing project in Laguna for the AFP & PNP Government Housing program , the project Built by Malate Construction a prime Franchisee of Sterling Construction & Development Corp. is one of 7,000 units Built in 7 months by the Plaswall building system for the Governments Phase 1 program ,Phase two due to start in June 2012 will add a further 32,000 units to be built all across the Philippine Islands[ReadMore]


Plaswalls latest permanent factory location is in Tanzania , the building frame of steel and concrete plus panels were shipped from Manila and erected in Tanzania with the aid of  our training team of 5 Philipinos and one Engineer from our India operation Fabtech Sterling the Tanzania operation is a JV between Fabtech Sterling and Local Tanzanian Company



Philippine staff training locals










Due to the accelerated growth of Plaswall into Malaysia , Mexico , Nigeria , Dubai , Oman , Qatar , Ireland , Ghana , Trinidad , Tanzania and now South Africa  Sterling had made the move 6 months ago to expand the Patented spacer manufacturing facility’s , a new plot of 1500m2 or around 17,000 square feet  was purchased and the factory structure built to handle 20 injection moulding machines to produce 1.5 million spacers per month or about 1.5 million square feet of Plaswall , since starting the company has taken on further 7000 government homes , the original facility’s were pushed to a monthly capacity of 1.3 million spacers for last 6 months , now with the new facility opening the capacity will be increased to 2.5 million spacers or 2.5 million square feet of Plaswall panels per month , with India having a further 1 million a month expandable capacity Plaswall Plastic Spacers are ready for the expansions of Plaswall .[ReadMore]


Following the completion of the first 6,000 homes for NHA in Calamba and Trece  MCDC  confirms that a further 12,500 homes have been booked by contractors for the Phase 2 of the NHA ,s    AFP & PNP Housing program , Sterling is proud to supply and support these programs bringing  homes to deserving Military and Police service men and their family’s  , the deliver and roll out of these Phase 2 homes will begin in mid June 2012 the system under the brand name PLASWALL ECO STRONG is pioneered by MCDC for the lowest income segment with houses built from 75,000 to 100,000 peso range fully built .


The first containers of Plaswall System are now  under shipment  to Malaysia , Sterling through a strategic partnership is releasing its Plasmolite Walling system for highrise solid partion walling , a system giving cost efficiency ,  fire rating , acoustic rating , quality solid finish all combined with ease of installation .

Plasmolite Demo



Sterling Group is proud to announce the first shipments to Mexico has left Manila Port .

First 3 containers of product are now on the way to Mexico to build demo homes for Mexican contractors , two senior Sterling Manila  staff will be deployed to Mexico upon materials arrival to assist in local training in panel manufacture and installation  .[ReadMore]


Nigerian Abuja operations are gaining momentum with numerous private and government projects successfully  started , the Philippine team of 6 Supervisors and one Manager are  gaining impressive momentum in their efforts in training of  Nigerian workers , projects are going up well with good quality and speed , the speed at which the Nigerian workers are learning the system is impressive , both load bearing Plaswall and semi/non load bearing Plasmolite is being used together with pre made fibrecement column and beam forms .







Due to numerous company’s and individuals trying to copy or pass themselves off as the makers of Plaswall panel systems or knock off copy’s with different product names Sterling Group have posted a new Hub website listing the real Plaswall group partners operating globally , for the public if its shown on this website or this new HUB site then you are dealing with the genuine product , patented and developed over a period of 12 years and through the building of more than 35,000 buildings , just click the logo to go to the site :



Sterling is proud to announce the first containers  of Plaswall products are due for shipment to Mexico , the first shipments will allow Plaswall building products to be utilized to build various  homes for Large local builders in Mexico to showcase and test Plaswall in Mexico , we are proud to be joining with Miguel Vargas and his team to bring Plaswall to Mexico .


         Come Visit Fabtech Sterling Exibit



Balesin Island project with all structures built with Sterling Plaswall , Plasmolite and woodgrained trellis products is a destination of unmatched natural beauty located east of Mauban, Quezon Province, Balesin island’s 7.3 km of pristine white sand beaches are only as stunning as its 190 hectares of virgin hardwood forest. It is barely a 25-minute plane ride from Manila and 2 hours from Hong Kong, yet is a world completely unto itself  Balesin Island Club is your unique, members-only, private leisure getaway-today and for generations to come comprising of six themed villages inspired by world-class beach destinations namely: Balesin, Bali, St. Tropez, Costa Smeralda, Mykonos, and Phuket. Members can enjoy the landscaped pools and authentic restaurants while giving them an impressive view of the ocean.[ReadMore]


Fabtech-Sterling  Officially launches Plaswall and Plasmolite in P-Mec one the Pharmaceuticals Industry’s largest exhibitions in India , the show visited by over 85 Country’s is one of the biggest shows of its kind , the reception of the system for Pharmaceutical buildings was a huge success especially as the system is already used in 4 Pharma projects in India with great success , Fabtech is already an industry leader in the supply of panels systems for clean rooms and equipment , adding plaswall and plasmolite to their existing metal skinned panel systems enables them to supply building systems for the whole structure from internals to outer shells .[ReadMore]


A new apartment complex nears completion in the University District of downtown Melbourne , its is a 4 story complex with basement , built entirely of Plaswall by Sterling Building Systems Australia .[ReadMore]


Fabtech-Sterling took  part in the Dubai Big 5 construction exhibition , November 21 to 24 , Mr Mark Taylor , Mr Feroz Khan & Assif Khan were at the booth to assist and aid in inquiry’s , the reception was outstanding with very large interest shown in the system from South Africa , Africa and the entire Gulf Region , in attendance was also our latest Global Partner from South Africa , Sterling Plaswall Nigeria , Greenspan Plaswall Ireland and our entire Indian team from 6 states together with our new Dubai Management team , the event concluded with a guided tour of the newly opened 2,000 m2 factory at Dubai Investment Park .

Fabtech Sterling will attend the forthcoming Saudi Big 5 in March .[ReadMore]


Globalink signs new sub franchise for Pampanga area in Philippines making Plaswall manufacturing available  North of Manila , this added area extends Globalinks area of operational projects , factorys and franchises to Calamba , Cebu , Davao , Iloilo ,  Bacolod and Pampanga , it is Sterlings and Globalinks objective to make Plaswall available Nationwide with regional and local manufacture this will enable the cost effective supply of Plaswall to all locations .


Sterling is proud to announce the opening and full operation of Plaswall
Manufacturing in Ireland with our Partners Greenspan Ireland under the
leadership of Mr. Mike Cregan Greenspan MD, Greenspan have received
equipment, setup plant, poured test walls and even built the first test
building for Plaswall all within 3 weeks of product arriving at factory.
Greenspans long history of product innovation and technical excellence
within the building systems industry ensures that Greenspan Sterling is well placed to
create a very strong presence in the building systems market throughout
Ireland, Uk and Europe.[ReadMore]


Malate one of our franchise partners in Manila awarded 5,000 Homes for National Housing Authority , first phase visited by President Aquino in July 2011 all built with Plaswall.




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